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19th March 2013 - Morning Glory, Primeval Soup, RatBag, Matt Black and The Emulsions @ The Pavilion Tavern

22nd March 2013 - Matt Black and The Emulsions and more TBC @ Cowley Club

29th March 2013 - Dead Subverts, Rash Decision, 2 Sick Monkeys @ Cowley Club

19th-21st April 2013 - Brighton Punx Picnic 2013

21st April 2013 - Stop the EDL marching in Brighton (OK, it's not a gig, but everyone's got to be there!)

Past Gigs

Faintest Idea flyer Punx Picnic Xmas Bash flyer

18th January 2013 - Faintest Idea, Buffos Wake, Brain Jelly @ Cowley Club.

17th December 2012 - Brighton Punx Picnic Xmas Bash with: Gunpowder Plot, Ratbag, Ferox @ Rose Hill Tavern (FREE!)


Ska Trek flyer

17th November 2012 - Ska Trek XII with Anti-Vigilante, Tyrannosaurus Alan, Clay Pigeon and Skub Zero @ The Cowley Club

Punx Picnic all-dayer flyer

15th September 2012 - Headjam, Skub Zero, Dog Shite, This Ends Here, Avenge Thee and Naime, Corn on the Rob, Wobbly Rebels, Greed Force, Brain Jelly, Matt Black and The Emulsions, Richie Blitz, Karl Wheeler - Punx Picnic All-dayer @ The Cowley Club, benefit for Brighton Hunt Sabs

Clit Rock flyer 5th August 2012 - Nu Pogodi, Husbands n Knives, Climax Change - Clit Rock benefit with film screenings @ The Cowley Club

Choking Victim flyer 30th July 2012 - Choking Victim, Chewing on Tinfoil, Primeval Soup, Matt Black and The Emulsions, Lack of Joe @ The Haunt

20th-22nd April 2012 - Brighton Punx Picnic @ The Hydrant

13th April 2012 - Ephemeral Foetus, Husbands n Knives, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Greed Force, Matt Black and The Emulsions @ The Hydrant

14th January 2012 - Anti-Vigilante, Barracks, Primeval Soup @ The Hydrant

17th September 2011 - Beng Beng Cocktail, Luvdump, Richie Blitz, Dry Heaves, Matt Black and The Emulsions @ The Hobgoblin

21st July 2011 - Anti-Vigilante, Code 11, Brain Jelly, Richie Blitz, The Last Laugh @ The Hobgoblin

27th May 2011 - Moral Dilemma, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Blatoidea, Brutal Regime @ The Hope

14th April 2011 - Mike Scott, Shankland, Richie Blitz, The Last Laugh, Mark Random, Adam Bennett @ Cobblers Thumb

Safe Space Policy

All Good Lookin' South gigs have a safe space policy, it can be neatly summarised by "Don't be a dick", but for more elaboration, take a closer look.