Some of you might have noticed that a lot of the stock on this distro is sold out and we're running low on a lot of everything else - I figured I should probably address what's going on with it and why I've not been getting any more stuff in for a couple of months now.

First up, there's the money - there's no profit being taken on any of the zines or books, the price you see on the site is the price I paid to get the zines and books in.  That means there's no money to reinvest in new stock even after selling a whole bunch of zines and books.  OK, so that's bad business planning on my part, but this isn't WH Smith!  And since I've personally not really had any work or money recently, I don't have the cash to put back into it at the moment, and I'm still a way off covering the cash I stumped up in the first place.

The second issue is actually getting stock in the first place - my main supplier (who will remain nameless) has owed me a considerable quantity of books (for which I already paid) for 10 months now and there's no sign of them ever turning up now; I'm fobbed off with excuses about e-mails not arriving or outright not geting any response, so I'm out of pocket and have nothing to show for it.  Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed off about this, especially from someone who calls themselves an anarchist.

On top of that, there's quite a resistance amongst zine writers to actually trade.  There's a lot of good people out there who have sound morals and are always happy to trade which is great, and I'm always happy to do so, these quality people have been the reason I was able to start doing this in the first place.  Unfortunately, there's a number of people who just don't want to trade, or will accept a pile of Good Lookin' Souths and never send anything back in return.

So, the situation is pretty dire, and it looks like once the stock I have in at the moment is gone, that's going to be it.  Obviously I'll still be selling Good Lookin' South through the site, and sending any other orders in the future as normal, but once it's gone, I'm sorry to say that unless there's some changes in my luck, that's that.  Sorry everyone.

If you're looking for alternatives, I can't really recommend anywhere online, however out in the real world you're not out of luck.  In Brighton, The Cowley Club's bookshop stocks a lot of the titles I had available, and a whole lot more besides.  You can even get some tea and a snack while you're there during the day.  In Bristol, Riot Ska have a great distro at their gigs and again, follow a similar theme.  And let's not forget some more music orientated distros out there such as Pumpkin Records and Prejudice Me in Manchester.  And of course, how could I forget the SchNews crew down here in Brighton too.

The purpose of the distro was never to make any money, simply to provide a resource and some information for anyone who wanted it without forcing anyone to spend a fortune - I feel like I've in some way accomplished this, but also that I've failed since it's not been sustainable.

I'll keep everyone updated with the score if the situation changes, but thank you so much to everyone who ordered anything through the distro, I really appreciate your support.