If you've ever been to a Good Lookin' South gig, or before that, a Born Free? DIY gig, you may have noticed a bit of paper on the table by the door (not the one with the door tax on it, or the piles of unsold zines) with a few suggestions on how to, and how not to act.  That would be our safe space policy, or to use it's alternative name, the "Don't be a Dick" policy.

It's a sad fact that we still feel it's necessary to have this notice, but unfortunately the punk scene, and society in general, is still not as open minded or accepting as we think it should be, so at the risk of being a bit preachy or self righteous, but not because of any specific incidents, we've had to implement a few guidelines to make our autonomous corner of the world as welcoming as possible to everyone, regardless of background.  It's quite simple, and for most people thankfully doesn't need stating, but here goes: The Good Lookin' South Safe Space Policy.

If you've got any questions on what it means, or feel that it should be expanded (if I've left anything off, I apologise, that's my own ignorance and privlege in action) please get in touch.