This April the March for England, which is essentially the EDL, except with a few people who have been thrown out of the EDL and a guise of patriotism, will be returning to Brighton for a day of racism, homophobia and probably accusations of paedophilia, as is their form.  They will be in Brighton on 22nd April (that's the Sunday of the Punx Picnic if you can only remember dates relative to gigs), and there will be a sizeable anti-fascist presence throughout the day to oppose them at every turn.

Last year they congregated at 11am in The Railway Bell (one of the pubs on issue #2's shit list) and then had a wander through town with considerable assistance from the police, while at the same time the police were physically attacking the anti-fascist demonstration.  Of course UAF didn't help things by negotiating with the pigs and getting everyone kettled.  However, in 2010 the racists were given a firm seeing off and were outnumbered at every turn before running off with their tails between their legs - let's see this happen again.

So, this year, stay mobile and stick together, together we can keep Brighton free from fascist scum.

You can find more information on the March for England, as well as the anti-fascist response over at Brighton Anti-Fascists and StopMFE.

¡No Pasaran!