Social Schism - A Conflicting Mass Of Media Misinformation

Fuck yeah!  Straight up punk mixing up 80s US hardcore with some ferocious anarchist and anti-fascist lyrics across eight tracks in just over a quarter of an hour.  Thundering along at full pelt with a few samples and chunks from live performances until about half way through when suddenly, surprise dub reminiscent of Inner Terrestrials in the form of They Shall Not Pass (no prizes for guessing what that’s about), and then kicking back in with more of the same angry, no nonsense hardcore punk fucking rock. (Self Released)

Beng Beng Cocktail, Atrocity Solution, My Own Religion - Track the Virus

This CD has been being referred to as “the super split” for a while now, and with good reason.  All three of the bands bring something different, and each bit of it is amazing.  What really makes it worthwhile is the bonus tracks though, Beng Beng performing electrically, Atrocity Solution going acoustic, and an exclusive From The Crade to the Rave track.  Not to mention the collaborative track with everyone and a few extras on board (including Skwert from Choking Victim/Public Serpents).  You need this CD in your life right now! (Pumpkin Records)

Star Fucking Hipsters - From the Cradle to the Grave

You must know what to expect with Star Fucking Hipsters by now.  With things now patched up between Nico and the notoriously difficult Stza, this album finally sees the light of day and even on the first listen, it grabs you.  Not as intense and inaccessible as the second full-length, but without the immediately gripping pop of the first.  This must be the record to finally shake off the label of being a Leftöver Crack offshoot, and have SFH respected in their own right, as well they should be. (Fat Wreck)

Atrocity Solution - Tomorrow’s Too Late

As if Atrocity Solution’s first album Melodies for a Massacre wasn’t a kick up the arse enough, they raise their game even more so with this.  Twangy metal guitars meet dark vocals with a good dose of death growls, before kicking into some good old fashioned woahs and almost pop-punk guitar parts, shout along choruses and even spots of ska and dub here and there (in fact, Scales of Injustice starts off outright dub-like).  This record has scarcely been in it’s case since I got hold of it, and I can’t see it spending long in there in the future. (Tent City Records)

The Barracks - Out with the Old...

If you’ve spent much time around Brighton you’re bound to have come across The Barracks at some point, being regular fixtures on the local scene.  Their debut album doesn’t disappoint for one minute, with tight songwriting, excellent performance and musicianship throughout.  If you’re a fan of good Rancid or Bouncing Souls at their heavier moments this record will be right up your alley. (Self Released)

Po-Lice - Demo

I grabbed this hand illustrated demo up when Po-Lice played the Cowley Club a few months back, it’s not the best recorded record, in fact, it’s pretty badly recorded, but despite that you can hear just how good Po-Lice are.  Technical punk with scratchy vocals and some catchy guitar work that will definitely stick in your head. (Demo)

Louise Distras - Heartstrings on a Handgrenade

Richie Blitz has been banging on about Louise Distras for ages now, so I figured it was about time I gave her a listen.  He should have banged on more, because this little 3-track is great.  Straightforward folky tunes sung honestly, and bringing to mind Defiance, Ohio’s more melodic moments. (Self Released)

V/A - Gone Postal Vol.1

The compilation CD might be all but dead thanks to the internet, but there’s still folks out there putting out some excellently chosen compilations for free download, such as this one from Canada showcasing some of North America’s top angry DIY, anti-capitalist outfits spanning genres as diverse as punk, crust, folk and some good, heavy, socially aware hip-hop.  Featuring the likes of No Cops For Miles, The Kid Macias, Status the Shokwave, Screw You and the Four Chords, Jesus Buys Heroin, Homosexual Patriot, Zkapatistas, and Hello Apathy amongst others.  Show this download some love and hopefully there will be a Volume II. (Heavy in da Streets)

V/A - Global Unity Musik II

Riot Ska Records do it again, with a list of amazing bands as long as your arm on board, this was always going to be a great compilation, but I didn’t expect it to be this good, with some of the best bands from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world on board, spanning almost every genre of punk out there including Banditos, Global Parasite, The Poseurs, Ghetto Blaster, Dead Subverts, Broken Nose and loads more.  Give it a listen, there’s something for everyone and you’re sure to find something new. (Riot Ska)